We had decided to use alpine method so we split up into three pairs who would climb independently. We would simply keep contact by sending a green flare every evening when away from base camp. The method was crude, as often we were out of sight of each other and, in any case, I wonder what we could have done if one evening we had seen a red flare; the nearest telephone was a week away and apart from ourselves there were no rescue possibilities in the country anyway. Personally I don't recall even thinking about this, the arrogance of youth! When Dave and I disappeared for eight days on an unplanned trip over to the Munjan valley, apparently the others started to get worried, but we never talked much about it after. I think we promised not to do it again, then set off for another climb.

Two years later this same confidence proved tragically unfounded when, on another expedition, in Bolivia this time, two friends paid the price. It is certain that luck, good or bad, counts a great deal but I still think that concerning the Hindu Kush, objective conditions do excuse us a little. 

To get back to the subject, the pairs were Ian and Rich, Kev and Paul, and Dave and myself (Bruce) ; Mags (click here for photos) took care of logistical support. As we climbed independently and this report has been written from memory (I'm ashamed to say I didn't even keep a diary) helped by scrutinizing slides and black and white photos, some of which I printed for the first time, I can only really describe part of the expedition. An expedition report was written and is annexed to this account, I also plan to add to the text at a later date, if possible adding photographs from the other participants .... if I can locate them.