Study the past to understand the present. Don't take anything as gospel, especially gospel. Think for yourself. Remember, things aren't as they seem - they keep it all hid. Enjoy life all the same, you won't get a second chance.

Thoughts, history and sights.

This site is a bit of a mixture and will grow as time, inclination and hazard drives it. For the moment, there are three sections.

The opinions* are just that, no apologies or excuses, if you don't like them, just click to another site!

The history* section is intended to be as accurate as possible, but it is all based on texts of variable accuracy and which were themselves based on more or less accurate information and so on back over the centuries... so, beware and judge for yourself, many links to other sites and other opinions have been inserted for this purpose.

Places to visit should be accurate in terms of distances, directions etc. All visits are the fruit of personal experience and the facts were true at the date of writing. However, the historical descriptions of the sights and the people connected with them merit the same reserves as the "History" section.

* Both these sections contain material which is intentionally polemical and may cause offence. Provocation is intended to lead to reflection, counter arguments and progress by means of a collective process to, dare I say it.... truth; or, if this is too much to ask, a sort of vague awareness that the vision of the world rammed down our throats by media, society, governments, peer groups, teachers, leaders, religions and so on, is a false one and that each individual has a duty to think for himself.    

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Updated 10/3/2001

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